Former Towns

SRARP Web Exhibit on the Former Towns

In 1950, the Atomic Energy Commission announced plans to take over parts of Barnwell, Aiken and Allendale Counties in South Carolina to build a nuclear weapons facility. Approximately 5000 people were relocated from what would become the Savannah River Site (SRS).

Beginning in 1990, the Savannah River Archaeological Research Program began to collect historic and ethnographic information about the former residents of the SRS. The residents were interviewed, stories were recorded, and photographs were collected. Thousands of photographs of people, places and towns were gathered from the former residents, some of which have found their way into the Heritage Series of books published by the SRARP.

With the introduction of the SRARP website, we now have a way to share the collections with our visitors who are interested. These photographs are being provided for the enjoyment of our visitors and may not be reproduced without the permission of Savannah River Archaeological Research Program, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology or the original owners of the photographs.

The two most popular volumes in the Heritage Series: Dunbarton and Meyers Mill Remembered and Reminiscences of Ellenton are available for download.  The PDF links below require Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded here. These books may be downloaded and used by individuals; however, the reproduction or sale of these books is strictly forbidden.

The movie Displaced: The Unexpected Fallout from the Cold War is also available.  This is a documentary about the former towns of the Savannah River Site. Visit for more information.

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