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College of Arts & Sciences
Savannah River Archaeological Research Program

Compliance and Research

The primary mission of the SRARP is to insure that the Department of Energy remains in compliance with the federal laws regarding archaeological and other cultural resources.

To that end, the SRARP conducts regular archaeological surveys of the Savannah River Site as a part of the SRS Site-use process.

In addition to the Site-use process, the SRARP works closely with the United States Forest Service-Savannah River (USFS-SR) to insure compliance in areas that have been slated for logging activities. From first thinnings to complete regeneration, SRARP staff identify and protect archaeological sites in areas of potential impact.

Because of the SRARP’s on-site presence, we are able to insure that all undertakings comply with existing historic preservation laws, and do so with little or no impact to the planned project.

Beyond our compliance responsibilities, SRARP staff members engage in archaeological research both on the SRS and throughout the Central Savannah River Area. Because historic occupants did not stop at the modern day boundaries of the SRS, this research furthers our compliance efforts by helping to develop the regional context for historical sites on the SRS.